Margaret River Ale Company

On Tap @SettlersTavern

Welcome to Settlers Tavern, home of the Margaret River Ale Company. You must come in, say hi and try one of our brews, on tap at the bar.

It is amazing how a cold ale will truly give you a sense of what it is to be a Margaret River local and if you love beer you will like our story.

Rob Gough, owner and founder of Margaret River Ale Company has a passion for craftsmanship and an immense sense of local pride. Taste his Rock'in - Pale Ale, Bombora - Pilsner and Great White - White Ale brews and this will speak for itself. Each style of his ale identifies with local characteristics and is shaping the breweries brand through his story.

Wanna taste? We do tasters @SettlersTavern. Here have a look ClickMe

Each label is synonymous not only with the Margaret River cultural icons that brand each brew type but with the venue of their birth. The Margaret River Ale Company is an extension of the Settlers Tavern experience. The On Tap ales honour with integrity the historical roots of the venue as 'the local' for the good old rock'n roll, beer loving, surfing mad community.




Margaret River Ale Co . (aka: MR ALE) is a "Micro-Garage" brewery in Margaret River's light industrial area. Each 20-keg batch takes a day to brew, followed by 1 to 2 weeks of primary fermentation and settling. Kegs then condition for 1-3 weeks to naturally carbonate the beer. MR ALE's beers are available only at Settlers Tavern and are delivered fresh from the brewery shortly after being brewed. They are unfiltered, unfettered and made with love.


DAY TR'IPA! Our brand new brew is rich and boldly flavoured India Pale Ale. 19th century British traders, who added extra hops and strength, to help beer survive the lengthy voyage from England to India, first created IPA. Munich and Crystal Malts combined with Pale Malt lend our IPA its lustrous amber colour. Cascade hops are used exclusively for bittering, aromatics and dry hopping. (ABV 5.2% / IBU 39)

Our hand crafted boutique beer is made locally in a small garage-style brewery in Margaret River's light industrial area. Our four original ales Rock'in Pale Ale, Bombora Pilsner, Great White -White Ale and Day Tr'IPA India Pale Ale are all delivered fresh to Settlers doorstep and available to try with a Taster Paddles for $8 at the bar.

Each brew volume is about 1000 litres, or 20 fifty-litre kegs. It takes about 8 hours to brew our beer, followed by 3 to 5 days of fermentation, and 2 weeks of keg conditioning, whereby it is naturally carbonated. All of our beer is unfiltered, unfettered and therefore pleasantly cloudy and flavorsome.


Rockin' Pale Ale is inspired by America's West Coast, Northern California, and further north to Oregon, where distinctive Cascade hops define the character of hearty American Pale Ale. Cascade bittering hops provide clean and bitter flavour on the palate. Late hopped Cascade clusters are spicy and aromatic, with delicious pine & citrus-like aromas. Pale barley malt is the main ingredient behind the slightly fruity, toasted malt flavor, whilst a touch of lightly roasted cara-malt gives this beer its rich golden hue. (ABV 5.0% / IBU 36)


Great White Ale is a twist on classic Belgian Wit Bier, using American Ale yeast rather than the traditional spicy European varieties, making for a smooth, easy drinking wheat beer. Malts are a 50/50 blend between wheat and pale barley malt, with Riwaka hops for bittering, and Hallertau and Tettnanger hops for subtle aromatics. The addition of dried orange peel, star anise, coriander seeds and juniper berries lends a subtle spicy character to the aromatic palate. (ABV 4.9% / IBU 28)


Bombora Pilsner is made with 100% Weyerman Pilsner malt. Saaz hop pellets from the Czech Republic provide a bracing backbone to the crisp pallet, and Saaz hop flowers are added late producing fragrant aromas. Bombora is lagered for a minimum 12 weeks allowing complex flavours to meld into a smooth and creamy texture. (ABV 5.1% / IBU 48)


2018 - South West Craft Beer Festival, SAT 3rd MARCH 11am to 6pm

Rob is always at the ready to keep the party rock'in and this year is no exception. Gearing up for the long weekend he plans to have the beer loving crowd at the South West Craft Beer Festival, 3 Oceans, Margaret River queuing up for more. Don't miss this years fun by getting your tickets early here.

Rockin' Past Appearance

Margaret River Ale Company on tap bar had Margaret River Gourmet Escape, Gourmet Village goers queuing up for more in November. The highlight of the Brewhouse, MRAC ales quenched the thirst of thousands of festival goers.

Never one to back down from supporting all things creative and innovative, Margaret River Ale Company sponsored a satellite gig, Settlers Tavern ALE STARS as part of the Emergence Creative Festival 19 - 21 February 2014. Exciting the who's who of live music across the ages musicians rocked out their vintage vibes and contemporary tunes in never a never seen line-up of performers. Artists and musicians partied hard as they collided, colluded and created live on stage. The Settlers was bursting at the seams as festival delegates and locals celebrated the local creative community spirit. Check out the festival wrap vid HERE for festival highlights AND scoot about 4 mins in to see why we are the home to Margaret Rivers live music scene since 1977!