Atomic Stagecoach (WA)


Sunday Night 23rd September, 9pm. Free Entry

Perth's newest Rockin' band, Atomic Stagecoach are not just your average 1950's inspired quartet.

Atomic Stagecoach takes your favourite 1980s songs and twists them into a new and "improved" sound.

You get the same familiar songs you always loved, but reproduced in a way that may have you thinking they were recorded in the 1950s.

With that big slappin' double bass sound and a twangy telecaster, Atomic Stagecoach bends and shapes these classic 1980s tunes and makes them their own.

Get ready for a night of Cold Chisel, Flock Of Seaguls, The Cure, The Angels, Blondie, ZZ Top, The Smiths, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen,