Jesse & Hannah


Sunday 27th January, 3:30pm. Free entry.

Jesse & Hannah are the hottest country duo in the wild west of Oz. Think Cher meets John Wayne or Perth's answer to Johnny Cash and June Carter - just don't ask them to play any of the iconic duo's hits.

Theirs is a modern day love story born from a mutual adoration for tunes of times past and a serendipitous meeting one night at Clancy's  back in 2011 whilst they were supporting each other in separate bands. Since then Jesse & Hannah have performed all around Australia together.

The man on guitar, that's Jesse Woodward, a self-taught musician with a savant like ability to pick up any instrument and just know how it works. He cut his musical chops playing in and for Ruby Boots, the Big Old Bears, James Teague, 10 Cent Shooters, Abbe May and the Justin Walshe Folk Machine, supporting acclaimed acts such as Lindy Otaiga, Joe Pugg, C W Stoneking, Reverend Houghton Heat and Justin Townsell. Jesse's talents make him a sought after session musician, which was acknowledged through a nomination for Instrumentalist of the Year at the Western Australian Music Awards.

Hannah Blass is a darling vintage belle with a voice sweet like honey and a range as broad as Aretha Franklin. Her musical career began singing vocals for the absorbent stylings of Rockabilly band, Lovesponge. Don't be fooled by her country charm, this dame's preferred musical weapon of choice is the impressive double bass which she ain't afraid to slap around.

Jesse & Hannah's extensive repertoire includes Country & Western, Rock & Blues, Jazz & Ragtime music from all of last century up until their modern day compositions. This dynamic, in-demand duo delivers a classic yet contemporary, old time sound suitable for any/every occasion.

Versatility makes Jesse & Hannah the perfect rodeo partner at pubs, bars and dance parties; corporate and community events;hoedowns; wedding receptions; and all sorts of private occasions that they can tailor their sound to.

It's super fun, toe-tapping music for all ages, that is sure to have your guests burning up the dance floor at your next event.