The Nasty Show


Thursday 1st November, 9pm

Touring juggernaut The Nasty Show has been smashing the Australian festival circuit for the last 3 years: Featuring some of the biggest names in comedy, selling out shows around the country and getting rave-reviewed in Perth, Sydney & Melbourne. This year has seen The Nasty Show travel internationally for the first time with sell-out shows at The Edinburgh Fringe and some of their biggest names yet.

This is a late-night showcase purpose built for headliners to do all the material they can't get away with in their regular act. The content is specifically filthy and offensive and funny as f**k. Hosted by internationally touring comedian Jez Watts, this is the first time The Nasty Show has come to regional WA, featuring our favourite Nasty Show veterans from the last 3 years.

Since its start at Perth Fringe 3 years ago The Nasty Show has become a fixture of the Australian festival circuit, featuring performances from some of the best comics in the country and abroad, including Ari Shaffir (USA) Wil Sylvince (USA) Marcel Lucont (FRA) Nick Cody (AUS) Amy Howerska (UK) Luke Heggie (AUS) Bryan O'Gorman (CAN) Laura Davis (AUS/UK) John Robertson (AUS/UK) Rory Lowe (AUS/UK) and many more.

Touring to Margaret River are Jez Watts (Sold Out Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Sold Out Perth, Adelaide & Sydney), Sian Smyth (SBS, Triple J RAW Comedy Grand Finalist), Glenn Grimwood (Co-creator of The Nasty Show, RAW Comedy State Finalist), David Tuffley (RAW Comedy State Finalist) & Cody Lynch (RAW Comedy State Finalist and Nasty Show crusher).

Infinite Jest Comedy was founded 4 years ago to produce innovative, exciting comedy. Based in Western Australia, it produces weekly & monthly live shows, festival shows around the country and the world, and podcast network Infinite Jest Comedy. Jez Watts is the co-creator of The Nasty Show and has been a working comedian for nearly 6 years. He's currently touring his third full festival hour, #1 Comedy Great Fun Best Show Jez Watts.

★★★★'not for the faint-hearted…Watts is a standout host' The Music (2018)
★★★★1/2 'Electric'Fourth Wall (2018)
★★★★'A masterclass in smut'The Australia Times (2016)